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ELDOA Blog News: NEW North American ELDOA School

By March 8, 2015March 19th, 2015ELDOA News Blog

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The Legacy Sport & Wellness Center in Dallas, Tx. opens the first permanent School of ELDOA Training in North America.

The ELDOA program, originally organized by Guy VOYER, DO. is re-structed into five levels in a stand alone program. Originally, the ELDOA training was two courses, ELDOA 1 and ELDOA 2, taught in the 3-year SomaTraining Program organized by VOYER.Now the ELDOA program is five levels with an easier entry process and more room to expand upon tensegrity biomechanics and ELDOA training in the upper level training.

A new informational ELDOA blog was created for both clients and practitioners to follow all topics specific to the ELDOA exercises and programming.

For more details on the course content specific to each level, click here… (This feature will be up by March 11th.)

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