The Legacy Institute is the first permanent school dedicated to teaching the techniques in the ELDOA, SomaTraining, and SomaTherapy programs organized by Guy VOYER, DO, with respect to his educational paradigm:  functional anatomy and tensegrity biomechanics, complexity, global systems, and “learn by doing”.

Practitioners from around the world travel to Dallas to enroll in individual courses and various schools of training…the ELDOA, Myofascial Stretching, and many of Legacy’s other original courses and workshops.

At the Legacy Institute, anatomy and biomechanics are taught simultaneously with an emphasis on relational anatomy.  Course work is organized into short, intensive modules offered throughout the year in two to four day formats with quarterly review sessions:  a summer review session is longer in duration and more intense.  In addition to regularly scheduled course work, the Institute hosts Practical Application Workshops designed to expand upon the material offered in the curricula.  This gives practitioners a more in-depth exposure to the course work.

All the courses offered at the Institute stress the philosophy “learn by doing”, giving practitioners repeated exposure and practice with the hands-on techniques.  Students are required to supplement the techno-methodology with the necessary study and suggested reading material.