The Soma-ELDOA™ training Program is a series of Courses from the Comprehensive ELDOA™ Certification Program and the Soma-Training Diploma Program.  Both Programs are based upon the work of Guy VOYER, DO and respect his education paradigm, which includes tensegrity biomechanics, Fasciae and the Formative work of Guy VOYER, DO, descriptive anatomy, complexity and systems theory, and the “Learn by Doing” method.

This customized program series was created by Scott Herrera and SomaTraining Texas Institute.  Its content is specifically designed and organized for medical staff personnel and strength training practitioners who work in athletics.  Courses can be scheduled in an intensive format to accommodate scheduling constraints.

The goals of an athlete training for sport or competition are not the same as exercising to be well. Legacy’s sport training program is for athletes and very active individuals who strive to perform at the highest level.  With every sport, there are injuries and in competitive athletics there is no time to lose. As a conditioning specialist with advanced training in corrective exercise and performance rehabilitation, Scott Herrera has worked with the most difficult of orthopedic cases.  For these cases, he uses Legacy’s innovative approach in conjunction with the medical team to maximize time and get results. Athletes who consult with the Center receive comprehensive programs custom-designed to address their goals using many of our sport specific exercises.

In addition to one-on-one training, Legacy is host to workshops and sport-specific camps using our innovative approach. Professional camps include Pre- and Post-Season, as well as In-Season Training,  for Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, and Golf.