The Legacy Institute is one of two divisions at Legacy Sport & Wellness Center.

The Institute is a teaching facility that regularly hosts programming for exercise professionals and health practitioners.  Course work includes original programming – Legacy’s Professional Development Series, Practical Application Workshops, and The Legacy Experience – in addition to ELDOA™ and Myofascial Stretching Certification Courses (Guy VOYER, DO).

Course work is  organized into short, intensive modules offered throughout the year, with yearly review sessions.  This organization of the modules is designed to stimulate problem solving, provide supervised practice time, and give practitioners more in-depth exposure to the material so they can master their skill set.

A collection of articles and links curated by the Legacy team.

Anatomy of Movement by Blandine Calais-Germain
Anatomie by L. Bouchet and J Cuilleret (French editions)
Andrew Taylor Still by Carol Trowbridge
Fascia; Clinical Applications for Health and Human Performance by Mark Lindsay
Gray’s Anatomy by Henry Gray, F.R.S., Drawings by H.V. Carter; Edition 1901 or prior
Human Anatomy & Physiology by Elaine N. Marieb & Katja Hoehn
The Physiology of the Joints Volume One: The Upper Limb by I.A. Kapandji
The Physiology of the Joints Volume 2: Lower Limb by I.A. Kapandji
The Physiology of the Joints Volume 3: The Trunk and the Vertebral Column by I.A Kapandji
Principles of Anatomy and Physiology by Gerard J. Tortora, and Bryan H. Derrickson
Understanding Complexity by Professor Scott E. Page

We are working on creating study materials to help practitioners advance their knowledge and skills. Come here to find articles and study materials related to anatomy & biomechanics.

This area contains study questions intended to guide your study time to ensure you come prepared with the knowledge to get the most out of the courses we offer.

Legacy Sport & Wellness Center is proud to offer mentorship programs for practitioners who want to further develop their skills beyond the regularly scheduled classes/workshops offered or learn our programs on a schedule best suited for their needs.  . Half  day, full day, or 2 day curriculums can be organized for you or your staff, at Legacy or hosted at your location/facility. Contact the Center for details.