Private Sessions, Evaluations, and Home Program Information

A private session is a one-on-one training appointment, which focuses on your physical needs and your lifestyle goals.

An evaluation is a screening designed to determine physical imbalances and areas needing strengthening, stretching, or a combination of modalities.

A home program is a filmed exercise routine, to be done at home, which addresses what is shown in your evaluation.

Group workouts, or semi-private workouts, are exercises classes offered as a adjunct to a home program.

Before beginning a private or group workout program, first consult with your physician.

Contact us to schedule an evaluation and get a home program

How to Begin a Home Program

Step 1.  Initial Contact –  Call or email The Legacy Sport & Wellness Center to schedule your appointment for evaluation and program design.
P:  214-377-9115      Email:

Step 2.  Evaluation and Phase I Program Design

  • Bring all pertinent medical records and case information for review.
  • Bring/wear exercise clothing.
  • Bring your iPad, phone with storage space, or a video device.
  • Plan on two hours for your initial visit.
  • If your case is complex or you are in from out of town, additional time may be required or a second appointment scheduled.

Step 3.  Start Your Home Program

•   Your home program is designed to address the findings in your evaluation:  muscle imbalance, pain issues, fascia tightness, lack of mobility, to name a few.

•    Each home program is geared to your individual needs, but will always have the foundational exercises/ELDOA postures we recommend for all on a daily basis.

•    We film you doing your home program so you have a video log of your exercises with audio instructions.  This is good for home and travel!

•    As you progress, your home program will change to adapt to your success.

Step 4.  Attend Class

•  To supplement your home program and private training sessions, the Legacy Center offers weekly classes, Semi-Private and Group workouts.

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