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Weekly Newsletter 4/3/2024

April is here and that means more Wellness Client Immersions and Sports Performance Immersions. With the number of out of town guests scheduled to visit Legacy Sport & Wellness this month, we plan to add several new services to our monthly calendar of events.

Last weekend Saturday morning’s group wellness workout included ELDOA Classic (good for everyone), our popular 30-minute movement session – FLO, and we brought back a total body strengthening workout in a 30-minute format (General Strengthening). Saturday morning, April 6, General Strengthening is scheduled at 9:00 am followed by ELDOA and Open Sauna. This week’s Strengthening Session will emphasize muscles of the pelvis in relationship to the total body.

Purchase a group exercise card and save!

Legacy News

April Calendar: Exercise & Training Information

Saturday, April 6

Strengthening Workout. 9:00 am.
Fee $20.00

ELDOA Classic Workout. 9:30 am
Fee $45.00

Open Gym Fee $25.00
Open Sauna Fee $30.00
10:30 am to 1:30 pm

Saturday, April 13

9:00 am To Be Announced
9:30 am ELDOA Classic Workout


General Strengthening: A 30-minute Total Body Strengthening Workout using body weight exercises and light dumbbells taught in a circuit format



$25.00 or $20.00 with a Legacy Card

What is Open Gym and how is it different from a Drop In Gym Session? Legacy Sport & Wellness is a private facility with a Cardiovascular Center, Group Exercise Area, Dry Sauna and Recovery Program, and a fully equipped Gym. These services are reserved for our private clients who have a custom designed Home Program. An Open Gym Session is a specific block of time that we schedule throughout the month in which clients can come and take advantage of the services we have to offer. For example, many of our clients have experienced back pain at some point in their life and our Gym has several pieces of specific equipment to help them which are typically not found in most other facilities.

During Open Gym sessions, often times a workout is written on the white board for clients to follow and post workout myo-fascial stretching/ELDOA exercises are suggested. If necessary, clients are permitted to take shoes and socks off for specific exercises. All the participants who attend Legacy’s Open Gym or Drop In Gym Sessions respect our NO VIDEO policy. Open Gym Sessions are never over-crowded therefore our equipment is always available…no wait for the equipment.

If you have a Home Program, Sauna Card or a Group Class Card, you can drop in and workout in our Gym for $20.00.

Without a card, the fee is $25.00.

Wellness News

Make the most of your Saturday mornings! Enroll in both exercise sessions, Strengthening and ELDOA, and allow time to sweat and recover during Open Sauna. Saturday morning Group Workouts are an excellent compliment to your customized Home Program. The classes provide an opportunity to improve your awareness and the quality of your exercise technique.

Sports and Performance News

Last month, our Center had a fair number of new clients contact us regarding specific injuries that occurred during sports activities and different styles of league play. One common variable was a poor warm-up or no warm-up at all. If you would like to have an injury, skip your warm-up and proceed directly to the first point of your game. And if you didn’t have an injury in that session, but you want one in the future, skip your Myo-fascial Stretches (MFS) at the end of your match.

How to organize a warm-up is a topic in our Client Tutorial Series. At minimum, a warm-up includes the following:

• cardiovascular

• joint warm-up

• muscle solicitation, followed by any specific techniques for an individual.

Every athlete we consult with uses our Myo-fascial Stretching techniques and they all swear by the results! If you like to play your sport regularly, and without injury, start using the MFS exercises. There are stretches for different muscles and regions in the body and they can be combines to create a customized stretching program specific to a person and the sport or activity in which the person participates. To learn more about MFS and its benefits, contact Claudia in the Business Office.

Lifestyle and Recovery Center

The Sauna had a Spring tune-up last week and the box is hotter than ever! With the seasonal rains, we offer outdoor and indoor post-sauna Recovery options.

The next Sauna Education (Certification) Course is scheduled for the month of April. Enrollment is limited to eight (8) people: email Claudia directly at to sign up.

Topics of discussion include the importance of sweating, what is the optimal time for a single sauna session, what is the optimal temperature to use in a Dry Sauna, how to use cold water exposure by itself, or in combination with the dry sauna, and the importance of drinking water.

As part of the Course Theory, all the participants complete the Ruffier (Pulse) Test. This simple test can be used in different aspects of a Wellness or Sports Performance Program including the length of time in a Sauna Session and exposure to cold water.

A new shipment of water arrived this week so the Water Bar is fully stocked and cases of water are on sale.

In April we plan to host Sauna Courses and Certifications for student-practitioners and our clients.

Essential Oils

What are Essential Oils?

•Volatile liquids distilled from plants (including seeds, bark, leaves, stems, roots, flowers, fruits, etc.)

•The chemical constituents of the plant determine purity and therapeutic value

•These constituents are affected by the part of the plant used, soil conditions, fertilizers, geographical region, climate, altitude, harvest season and method and distillation process (steam distraction or cold pressing)

How does the nose smell?

Smell is regarded as one of the most powerful and evocative senses:  it can take us back in time by triggering memories, it is a big part of attraction, love and sex, and its inner working are considered more complicated than that of an airplane!

• Molecules (volatile vapors) from something make it to your nose.

• Special neurons at the top of the nasal passages use cilia (hair-like projections) to bind with the molecules.

• Receptors, encoded by different genes to recognize different odorants, read these molecules.

This is the simplified explanation.

Humans can distinguish more than 10,000 different smells!

There are essential oil formulas for almost everything.

Education News

NEW Courses in June, July and August will be added to the Education calendar next week.

Courses include:

strapping, the squat: how to organize a global movement and posturology. ELDOA 1&2, Myo-fascial Stretching, pumping of the Pelvis & Trunk, fascial Normalization of the Upper and Lower Limb, half-day and full-day Sauna Certification Courses and Summer School (Block 1) at the end of August.

It is possible that a second Summer School Block will be added.

ELDOA Level 4 Dallas: May 24, 25 and 26
Enrollment Link:

ELDOA Level 3 Dallas: Dates to be announced

If you are an Instructor Candidate looking to assist a course, contact Claudia in the Business Office to be put on the list.

We ask all ELDOA Practitioners – at any level -to visit the official ELDOA website – – to make sure your contact information is accurate.

Having your correct contact information is very important: so potential clients can find you and so you can receive important information from the Founder and Administrative Office in Dallas.

The way Legacy has our School set up in Dallas allows for Students to travel from all parts of the country for training and continuing education, while at the same time creating the opportunity to invest some of their personal time in their self-care using our Gym and Lifestyle-Recovery Center. We believe that this one-two combination can’t be beaten and we invite you to enroll in a course with us in 2024.

Client Education News

In April, Education Workshops for clients include a breathing tutorial, a pelvic floor tutorial, and a sauna training workshop in our “learn by doing” format.

Coming Soon:  The Professional Development Series:  live workshops, homework lessons, and remote learning for Student Practitioners enrolled in the SomaTraining, SomaTherapy, and/or ELDOA Comprehensive Program..

For more information, contact Claudia in the Business Office.

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