According to the Mayo Clinic, back pain is one of the most common reasons people go to the doctor or miss work. It is a leading cause of disability worldwide. Most people will have back pain at least once in their lives. It affects work performance and can interfere with quality of life.


Over 80 percent of all Americans will experience some form of back pain in their lifetime. Most cases respond well with non-surgical treatment. Diagnostic procedures alone are estimated at 50 billion dollars yearly. It is estimated that half of all the people who suffer from an episode of low back pain will have a recurrent episode within one year.


The ELDOA™ postures are designed to create myofascial tension in a specific region of the joint with the goal being to normalize the effects of poor posture, degenerative changes, or trauma.


Under the supervision of a skilled practitioner (ELDOA™ Trainer, ELDOA™ Therapist, ELDOA™ Expert), clients use specific ELDOA™ postures in combination with a home program to address the cause of their back pain.