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ELDOA Back Pain, Sport & Surgery Case

A high-level, competitive, senior-amateur racketball player from Ohio was recently benched with back pain again. Five years ago, when the back pain first appeared, his doctor recommended meds and said surgery would be needed at some point. The back pain appeared again several months ago, and again, surgery was the recommendation. The MRI reports showed a disc herniation in the lumbar region and significant degeneration at the level of L5. A one-day business trip to Dallas resulted in the opportunity to try the ELDOA exercise(s) before traveling back home. Motivated to avoid surgery, Charles, in his late 70’s followed his HOME PROGRAM. An email update from Charles yesterday stated the following: “Well…my back pain is much better, so I entered and WON the Ohio Men’s Senior Racketball Championship. Oh, and I also played in the men’s doubles tournament as well. Those exercises you gave me really work! Forget the surgery, I’m a believer in your exercises!” Charles is Scott Herrera’s uncle. Another ELDOA case history success!

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