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Course Content for the NEW ELDOA 1 Training

By February 22, 2015February 25th, 2015ELDOA News Blog

The ELDOA Program created by Guy VOYER, DO has been reorganized into 5 levels in a stand-alone program, separate from the SomaTraining and Osteopathy programs. The first course of NEW ELDOA program, ELDOA 1, is scheduled for April 22-23 in Dallas, Tx. in a new school created by Legacy Sport & Wellness Center. Many practitioners who have completed ELDOA training have contacted the Center inquiring about the new organization of the program and the course content in each level.

ELDOA 1 is now a two-day course. The focus of this course is the foundation- Topics include Complexity, Tensegrity Biomechanics and Functional Anatomy, The History of the ELDOA- How VOYER organized the material, VOYER’s Educational Paradigm- Complexity and “Learn By Doing”, and of course the foundational ELDOA exercises that every practitioner and client need to know.

This course is the BASE, the base for all the other levels in the NEW ELDOA Program.

Other topics that will be discussed in the two-day seminar include- What is a Spine?,  Mobility vs. Stability, Origins of the Spine, Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Spinal Segments, and most importantly, the Philosophy of the ELDOA “You Are Your Own Best Therapist.”

Many practitioners that have completed the ELDOA training in previous years are returning to Dallas for a review and to see the new organization ELDOA 1.

The NEW ELDOA 1 course is for everyone- clients, trainers, massage therapists, coaches, golf and movement instructors, wellness and athletic directors. The course was designed so that any person, regardless of their background or current occupation, could enroll in the course, and after two days, have a basic understanding of the spine and spine biomechanics, and feel confident applying the classic ELDOA exercises properly.

For more information on the New ELDOA 1 Program, contact Legacy Sport & Wellness Center at

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