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The ELDOA Exercises and Golf-

By May 29, 2013December 9th, 2014Sport and Performance

ELDOA is a specific system of exercises organized by Guy VOYER DO. It is often confused with a form of stretching when in fact the ELDOA are  STRENGTHENING Exercises which use the fascial chains to create space within a chosen joint. The article below touches on the ELDOA exercise(s) and how it can improve your golf posture while reducing the probability of injury resulting from the golf swing-

One point of note for sportsmen and women… Do not use the ELDOA or any “stretching exercises” before playing a game or competition. It is to be used AFTER your sport or training session. For more on that see this article on our website:

The benefits of the ELDOA are numerous-

For adults, the ELDOA exercise can balance the pelvis and base of the spine, a common location for many golfers that results in some sort of back pain or spine pathology. For junior golfers who often lack quality muscle the ELDOA exercises help to build quality tissue while improving proprioception in the vertebral segments. To learn more about the ELDOA exercises, ELDOA classes or how to get a personal home ELDOA program contact Legacy Sport & Wellness Center in Dallas-

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