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Legacy’s Calendar of Events & Invite to Workouts

By February 18, 2023Legacy News
February Group Workout Schedule
Feb. 18 • No Workouts
Feb. 25 • 9:30 am. ELDOA Wellness Group Workout
               In person or live stream.
               Group Class Cards available for either style
Legacy Calendar of Events
Feb. 17-18    Upper Limb & Trunk Training             
                      SomaTraining Certification Course
Feb 25.    ELDOA Level 1 Certification Course
                 One Day – Four Most Frequently Used ELDOA for the Spine
                 This is a great course for clients:  one day format and the most basic, everyone needs them ELDOA postures.
                  Morning ELDOA workout at 9:30 am, followed by organic breakfast by Chef Corey and the Training Table.
Recovery Center & Dry Sauna
Client Sauna Tutorial • We plan on hosting another Tutorial very soon.
     We believe your Sauna use will increase based upon the information provided in this two-hour Tutorial
      Bonus:  if you purchase a Sauna Card for 5, 10 or 20 Saunas, you pay the lowest price IF you have taken our Tutorial
The Dry Sauna and Recovery Center is open every day during regular business hours and on Saturday, following a scheduled morning Group Workout.
Individual Saunas can be scheduled at
the Training Table is an integral part of Legacy’s Recovery Center.  You ARE what you EAT.  Nutrient dense food and clean water are the building blocks of your body.  Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym!  We are fortunate to have Chef Corey as one of the services we offer our clients.  Those from out of town coming to Legacy for several days of Immersion Training can rely on his meals to carry them through the Legacy Experience deliciously and nutritiously.  In town clients can enjoy the weekend breakfast he prepares during the School’s Certification Courses, plus he will cook for our locals!  And we make it so easy – delivery to Legacy, packaged per meal, just heat and enjoy.
Our weekly emails are posted on our Website so you can share with friends and have on hand if you missed anything.

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