ELDOA 1 Certification Course • February 25, 2023


February 25, 2023

Instructors: Scott Herrera

Price: Course – $499.00


Course Description

The ELDOA Level 1 Certification Course – The Most Frequently Used ELDOA of the Spine – is designed for the client-practitioner with minimal or NO formal training in classic spine biomechanics or descriptive anatomy. ELDOA 1 is a two-day course. It is the BASIC training for all other levels in the ELDOA Program.

Lecture topics include: Who is Guy VOYER, DO, The History of the ELDOA, What are the Goals of the ELDOA?, Introduction to Spine Biomechanics and the Functional Spine Unit of Junghans, and Back Pain: Treat the Symptoms vs. ELDOA: Address the Cause.

ELDOA Level 1 is a course for EVERYONE: exercise professionals and physical trainers, athletic trainers, massage therapists, coaches, golf and movement instructors, Pilates and yoga teachers, athletic directors, all healthcare providers AND clients.

A mastery of the anatomy and biomechanics at this level is not necessary!

In the ELDOA Level 1 Course, it is more important that student-practitioners begin to learn how to think and problem solve – “How is it possible to do a movement for this region?” The course is designed so any person can enroll and, within two days, learn and confidently use the most frequently used ELDOA of the spine.

Course Objectives:

Guy VOYER, DO, His Educational Paradigm & the Teaching Method – “Learn by Doing”

The History of the ELDOA, According to Guy VOYER, DO (2 parts)

The Comprehensive Historical Synopsis of the ELDOA

Introduction to Spine Biomechanics & The Functional Spine Unit of Junghans

Water is Life

Back Pain: Treat the Symptoms vs. ELDOA: Address the Cause

Good Posture, The Gravity Line, and Spine Curvature Disorders

Teach the ELDOA Postures for The Most Frequently Used ELDOA of the Spine

Teaching Principles: Awareness, Myo-fascial Stretching, & Lemniscate

Philosophy of the ELDOA: “You Are Your Own Best Therapist


At the end of the course, participants receive a Certificate of Completion as a Student-Practitioner for Level 1.

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