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Legacy Sporting News: “Regeneration” is all the “buzz”-

The professional sports world is behind the times with respect to “Regeneration” relying on fancy ice machines and stretching devices. Legacy Sport and Wellness Center created a series of workshops (Professional Development Series) where we teach practitioners and sportsmen the best tools available with respect to performance exercise and ‘Regen’ strategies which include the Squat, stretching (ELDOA, Myofascial Stretching, Global Postural Stretching) and other recovery methods like water therapy and DRY SAUNA. Legacy Center has hosted “Regen camps” year in and year out for professional ice hockey, professional soccer, and professional golf. Division 1 Universities are implementing these tools into their athletic programs. Schools include: Harvard, U. of Kentucky, Illinois, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas A&M. To learn more about Sports Performance and Regeneration Programming contact the Center-…/130…/lebron-james-unfathomable-workload

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