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Legacy Sporting News: Do you have a teenager playing contact sports? They need to use the ELDOA and Myofascial Stretching!

Having consulted for  numerous professional sports organizations, Division I colleges and professional athletes, one of the most poorly addressed aspects of a every athlete’s program is “REGEN”. At the professional level, REGEN is where all the “proactive teams” are turning now in an effort to protect player assets- their bodies! But REGEN doesn’t begin with nor should it be limited to the pro level. Proper pre- and post-training exercises (like Myo-fascial Stretching & ELDOA) are an important aspect of a teenager or collegiate-level athletic program, as the demands of the training increase. Legacy Sport & Wellness Center is a pioneer in this field, using the ELDOA and Myofascial Stretching techniques in combination with other training tools. We host quarterly talks on this subject at the Center in Dallas, and we design programs for your young athletes. If your kids play competitive sports, especially contact sports, then their program is not balanced if the REGEN component is missing.

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