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Invite to Exercise & Legacy News October 27, 2023

In this week’s addition, we recap the month of October and forecast the remainder of 2023.

Legacy Sport & Wellness Weekly News – Invite to Class

In this addition:

Monthly Exercise Calendar and News
Legacy News:
Sports Performance
The Lifestyle and Recovery Center
Education News

October – November Exercise Calendar and Information

NEW October 26 :  12:00 to 12:30 pm  Semi-Private Workout – Hip and Pelvis Training

Fee Schedule:    2 Participants Fee $100.00 per person

4 Participants Fee $  50.00 per person

October 28:  9:30 am ELDOA Group Wellness Workout

There are no on-line workouts for these classes.

Pre- recorded workouts can now be found on the website.  Click the link-

November 4: 9:30 am ELDOA Group Wellness Workout

Save on group class workouts with a Group Class Card.

Once you have a Group Class Card, use the Link on our website under eShop (Make a Registration) to let us know you are coming and use one of your pre-paid workouts:

Legacy News

Saturday, December 16th: ELDOA Level 1 Course (a one-day course)

ELDOA 1 is an educational course for everyone!

No prior knowledge of anatomy or biomechanics is required.  Learn the most frequently used ELDOA exercises and how they can benefit everyone.

We invite all our clients and the members of our community to enroll in this education seminar.

Prior to Registration, Legacy Sport & Wellness will host a one- hour ELDOA Wellness Workout.  There is no charge for the morning workout if you enroll for the ELDOA 1 seminar.

Wellness News

With winter approaching, we recommend the following for this week’s wellness tip:  have your vitamin D levels checked.

Sports and Performance News

Max Domi and the Toronto  Maple Leafs won last night’s game vs. the Dallas Stars.

Max dropped in Monday and Tuesday for appointments with Scott and Cleo.  No time for sauna this trip, but his favorite Vellamo water was enjoyed.

Lifestyle and Recovery

The next Sauna Education Course is scheduled for Dec. 1st at 4:30 pm.   In this half day course, participants learn how to safely use the dry Sauna and organize a personal program that matches their goals.  Enrollment for this course is limited to 7 people.★-texas/sauna-certification-course-december-1-2023/

Flash Saunas are available after your workouts and group sessions.  Schedule your Sauna Session with Claudia in the Business Office or check the monthly calendar for our next Open Sauna Session.

A Flash Sauna is not a Classic Sauna session or sauna training.   A Flash Sauna is a quick sauna session with an entirely different objective than the Classic Sauna we use with many clients.

A Flash Sauna is a brief sauna used immediately following a workout session.  Typically, a workout concludes with some Myofascial Stretching and ELDOA and then a client enters the Sauna, which stimulates blood flow, increases vasodilation, and begins the recovery process.

To learn more about incorporating our new Flash Sauna or Classic Sauna training, contact Claudia about a private session or enrolling in our Sauna Workshop.

Education News

December 1:  Comprehensive Sauna Certification Course:  4:30-9:00 pm

Enrollment Link:★-texas/sauna-certification-course-december-1-2023/

December 2 and 3rdStrapping Certification Course

Enrollment Link:★-texas/practical-strapping-for-sports-pathologies-fall-2023/

December 16.  ELDOA Level 1 Certification Course

Enrollment Link:

The 2024 Winter – Spring Course Calendar will be announced in November.  Courses include Winter School (tentatively early January), Myo-fascial Stretching, ELDOA 4, Cardio Training.

Coming Soon:  The Professional Development Series:

Live lectures and workshops, homework lessons, and remote learning.

For more information, contact Claudia in the Business Office.

In 2024, look for SomaTraining Texas Institute to take education abroad.

The Month in Review

October was Mental Health Awareness Month.  Solomon Thomas, #94 of the New York Jets, and his Foundation The Defensive Line work to bring awareness to the topic of mental health.

SomaTraining Texas Institute, the educational branch of our Center, hosted ELDOA 3 Certification Course.  ELDOA 5.2. was taught on-line.

The Wellness Center hosted a number of out-of-town client Immersions.  Clients traveled to Dallas to learn how to exercise correctly, build better nutrition habits, and about our unique immersive format.

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