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Workshops on How To Organize & Teach ELDOA and MyoFascial Stretching Classes

By August 4, 2013December 9th, 2014ELDOA News Blog

ELDOA and Myofascial stretching exercises are not the same thing at all!

An ELDOA exercise, for example, uses the fascial chains to create space in a joint complex in the body (L5-S1 classic). A myofascial stretch uses the fascial chains to normalize the fascia in relation to the muscle, its links, and surrounding structures, which may or not may not include a joint. Keep in mind, the fascia “is a skin” that affects the shape of a muscle.

In either case, the way that a group or semi-private ELDOA or MFS class is organized and taught is not the same. At the Legacy Center we do not combine the two forms of exercise in one class; we have dedicated classes for each respectively- see the monthly calendar of events on the homepage. There are ways to use myofascial stretching as part of a group ELDOA class and vise versa. Additionally, each class has a different style of warm-up based upon the goal of the training session.

If you have interest in enrolling in future workshops hosted by Legacy Sport & Wellness Center contact us through the website- .


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