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Vaccine Information For New Mothers

By October 16, 2013December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

Are you an expecting mother? Recently a family member received the good news that she is and after her first few doctor visits she called me asking for help… I will share parts of that conversation in upcoming posts.

My travels to study health and wellness have allowed me to take courses from many different practitioners from around the world. One lecture in particular on the endocrine system was given by PhD who is frequently hired to set up clinical trials for drug companies in the United States.

In the lecture he shared with us that trials run in the United States are the most unorganized in comparison to those run in other parts of the world.

The link below is an article about vaccinations and the controversial information surrounding this topic-

Look for future posts about how medical professionals try to push patients into making these decisions without properly informing of the risks in vaccinating or the high number of vaccinations recommended both prior to birth and after-

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