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Tommy John Surgery- In Every Case Look at the Pelvis-

By May 29, 2013December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

The article below includes some interesting statements from people other than orthopedic surgeons and big league General Managers. In fact, you will find some descent information that discusses biomechanics. One point that is missed… in every case of a elbow problem in a pitcher you will find an imbalance in the pelvis- GUARANTEED. The player not complain of pain in the pelvis but I promise you its there. The pelvis is the basement of the body… no different than the foundation of a house. If the basement is not well-balanced then the elbow will pay… and perhaps several other structures as well. This is easy to understand if you see the link between the pelvis and shoulder girdle via the spine. If the pelvis is out of balance in any way the spine will compensate for it which will change the posture and the mechanics of the shoulder girdle. This translates into a change in the mechanics of throwing and force distribution. In young throwers, they don’t typically don’t have the quality muscle needed to throw a ball correctly and repeatedly hence trauma to the ligament. In adult pitchers this can also be the case but more likely, poor mechanics coupled with repetitive stress which changes the quality of the tissue in the elbow region resulting in a loss of elasticity, additional scar tissue formation and poor blood supply. If proper Myofascial stretching exercises are not part of the athletes program than the fascial chains of the upper limb (there are 9) can be very tight therefore limiting quality blood flow to the injured tissues.

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