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The ELDOA, Your Immune System & Age

By July 15, 2013December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

A common statement repeated regularly at the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center in Dallas is, “The age on your driver’s license is not necessarily the age of your body.”

What does that mean?

The statement simply means that you are a reflection of what you do to your body on a daily basis… this includes the choice and quality of the foods you eat, the environment(s) you spend your time in on a daily basis, AND the quality of the EXERCISE that you practice, or don’t!

All exercise is not the same and the same exercise taught properly vs. incorrectly will yield a different result in one’s body.

Clients are often surprised to learn that the quality and organization of their fasciae (the skin of muscles, organs, nerves and more) impacts their physiology and that one of the many  roles the fasciae serve in the body is that of immunity and circulation

According to Guy VOYER DO, “All the blood and lymphatic vessels are surrounded and supported by fascia. As well, the fasciae are rich in interstitial fluid which bathes the cells. Finally, all the fasciae are animated by the rhythmic movements related to the Primary Respiratory Mechanism (PRM) which favors circulation and drainage. This role of cleaning, draining and absorption falls to compression and depression of functional unit of Junghans during the ELDOA.”

The age of your body can be younger than your driver’s license or older… YOU have the ability to make that change. One simple exercise that EVERYONE can use daily, to support the cleaning of  the body, its re-organziation, and immune function is the ELDOA.

VOYER Applying the ELDOA

VOYER Applying the ELDOA

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