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Technology is Making us Ignorant not Smarter

This is in fact happening in medical schools…less real bodies! Students are spending less time with actual bodies and more time with virtual anatomy; however, it’s making the quality of practitioner worse in that the brain doesn’t learn from virtual imaging the same way it does when working with real bodies and tissue. No two bodies are the same. The good news is that if you are a practitioner who follows the coursework of Legacy Sport & Wellness Center, the ELDOA training, you have the potential to be better than what the current education system is producing even at the top institutions. The unique organization of our courses, course content, and the style of learning respects the anatomy and functional biomechanics while progressing the level and complexity in techniques for practitioners to use with their clients. If you a practitioner who studies the ELDOA or a student of Legacy’s school, the future is bright because the majority of those in the fields of wellness and healthcare are heading in the wrong direction.

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