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Talking Points from Fascia Fellowship: TTLS of the Lower Limb (Part 1)

By October 20, 2013December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

Below are a few talking points from the recent Fascia Fellowship Course: TTLS of the Lower Limb- Tendons and Ligaments. Regardless of how your practice is organized, Exercise or Therapy, there are “some great clinical pearls” related to physiology that are of  benefit to both schools of practice-

“When you push on the tendon you have an immediate reaction with the nervous system.”

“The ligament is to maintain the joint.”


“In tensegrity, the ligament is a continuation of the bone and this makes sense, biologically. This is very important when you want to improve the quality of the ligament and stability.”

When you work to strengthen the body you work on “container” the as opposed to the contents of the tube (the fascia is the tube).

The contents is the fluid inside the tube… this fluid has a quality to it and hence a movement… that is life!

A well organized program respects both the contents and the container. To work on both be it therapy, exercise or both is to work at level that respects the organization of the body and complexity.



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