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Successful ELDOA 1 & 2 Courses and a Practical Application Workshop

By December 6, 2015December 8th, 2015ELDOA News Blog

Eld 2 part L5

It has been very busy at Legacy!
Scott taught the first ELDOA 2 course in the new 6-level format. We just finished another ELDOA 1 course and today we are hosting a Practical Application Workshop on the ELDOA 1 material.

One of the most exciting things is to watch the lightbulbs go on in the students as they see how the ELDOA postures work to such effect on the spine. Once they understand how the ELDOA work and how to use the ELDOA with their clients to help normalize tissue, they can’t wait to learn more.

Legacy Sport & Wellness Institute is the first permanent School in the U.S. to offer ELDOA, MFS, and SomaTraining taught in the Guy VOYER, DO paradigm of learning.

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