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Sports Injuries Seem Rampant

By July 8, 2014December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

Every day it’s another athlete on the injured list or trying to recover from surgery…Tony Romo, Devin Harris, Joel Embid, Tiger Woods, to name just a few.

The public would like to believe that pro teams have the best of everything:  training methods, rehab modalities and so on.  Athletes seem to be bigger, faster, and more prone to injury.  Perhaps the traditional training methods utilized by professional sports organizations aren’t as great as we are led to believe.

Dutch soccer star Arjen Robben swears by his osteopath to help recover from injury and keep in excellent shape.  European osteopaths, by and large, base their work on the biomechanics of the anatomy and a functional tensegrity model.  Maybe they know something American sports people don’t.



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