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SomaPractitioner News: Tensegrity Biomechanics- Elitist?

By September 26, 2014December 9th, 2014ELDOA News Blog

I was engaged in a dialogue this morning regarding an article I took issue with and its author- see below. It was suggested to me that Tensegrity Biomechanics was elitist?! The reason…”that is not how others are trained”. My first thought was, this true, because the educational system is dated and will not change. I then realized that practitioners who study this work are learning something that is not accepted and most likely will be kept out of the educational system for some time to come because… it will require that MANY of the ways that we (the current systems) solve problems and recommend care to people will be found to be incorrect and ineffective thus requiring a complete “Re-DO” of the systems of exercise, rehab, and care for people, How we train practitioners and how we pay for these services. This might be met with some opposition? Hmmm. – Scott Herrera