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SomaPractitioner News: A new BLOG!

By October 6, 2014December 9th, 2014ELDOA News Blog

With the number of SomaPractitioners growing all over the world Legacy Sport & Wellness Center felt the need to establish a baseline, a set of foundational principles that serve as a guide for practitioners to respect and follow as they begin to dive into this complex material, the study of how the the human body operates. One of the first principles is, EXERCISE. Do you the practitioner, exercise using the Somatraining tools every day? If not, why? To be an elite practitioner it requires much more than just attending courses and showing your clients how to do the exercises. It requires that the exercise(s) become a part of your daily program. If you have done this for any extended period of time you understand exactly what I am saying. A new blog is scheduled to begin and it will feature topics related to foundational principles in the SomaPrograms and more. You can find this blog on Legacy Sport & Wellness Center’s BLOG section.