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SomaPractitioner Concept- Movement Patterns vs. How Movement Patterns Work

By August 31, 2014December 9th, 2014ELDOA News Blog

There a lot of GOOD people working to educate professionals in the fields of movement and movement-based therapies. A very common topic, or belief, is that of “pattern training” and assessment of those movement patterns. Legacy is okay with this idea… understand that a pattern is a movement and a dysfunctional pattern is in part the result of a pathology. Movement patterns and screens cannot explain movement or movement pathologies. To our knowledge there is only one way to do this- Tensegrity Biomechanics. Tensegrity Biomechanics explains how we move, and why we cannot move the way we want… our pathologies. It is the science of “How the Body Works”. Use this as your base when you teach human movement and in the study with your instructors. Look for more videos and lectures specific to this topic and movement related to sport and wellness from Legacy Sport & Wellness Center on our You Tube channel in the coming months

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