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SomaPractitioner Business Model Tip: Efficiency-

By May 31, 2013December 9th, 2014ELDOA News Blog

Everyone at some point is challenged by TIME-

In a business model two key components that determine whether or not your business model will work are 1. Square footage of your facility (if you own it) and that includes price per square foot , and along with that, the use of the space- do you maximize your space use per rent 2. The type of clients that you have and how effective your work is, a.k.a- RESULTS

Most practitioners who study any of the Soma-Work be it SomaTraining, Therapy or Osteopathy have invested quite a bit of time and money in their training. In order to make that training work for you you need  a business model that allows you to maximize your time with people, but that time needs to quality time rather than just the number of faces you see day in and day out. Here is a tip on how to maximize your business model and respect the needs of your client with respect to their exercise program-

Have your clients come in prior to their appointment with instructions on what to do to prepare for their session with you, be it exercise or therapy. Just because you work as a therapist doesn’t mean that you cannot have an area designated for exercise either before or after their appointment. During the scheduled appointment time work with your client on the most important aspects of their program and then give them instructions on what to do immediately following their session and at home with their home program.

For example, once a client learns some of the basic exercises in their program- ELDOA L5-S1, proprioception, or MFS, have them do those exercises just before and immediately after they finish their time with you. This instruction gives them direction and makes use of the time they spent to come and work with you. It respects your time as you do not need to supervise exercises that your client has mastered but still remain relevant in their program.

If this way of thinking becomes the norm in your facility than everyone gets on board!

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