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So Far, 70 Doesn’t Suck

By October 5, 2015October 9th, 2015Claudia's Corner

I’ve been 70 for exactly a week now, and I think I’ll live through the experience!
Several weeks before my birthday, I had some weird vibe running…I’d listen to a song on the radio and think to myself, “That’s a great song to play at my funeral” though how appropriate The Stones ‘Beast of Burden’ would be is questionable.
Growing old is not easy. In a culture that places a huge premium on youth (12 year old super models) and little black books with a list of the best places to get botox, lipo and plastic surgery, being in your 7th decade and with wrinkles can be daunting.
Attitude is everything! No, I’m not the size 4 I used to be. I go home at night and I’m usually tired. I know the time ahead of me is short compared to the time behind me. So what?
I have work to do. I have plans for the future. I don’t lose sight of the things I am grateful for today. I try not to dwell in the past. I have incredible knowledge based upon my life experience and I can be a model of how to age with a certain grace.
Plus I can do 100 glute medius leg lifts, take brisk hour walks, do 3 sets of 30 gravity squats (working my way to 50 squats), and see my glass as half full.
I am more mellow. I have passion. I am comfortable in my own skin. I love to share what I have learned, often the hard way (is there any other way?!). My sense of humor is just as wicked as ever. I have learned to say no and not feel I have to offer an explanation. I know how to love. I can be alone and not be lonely. I have really cool women friends of all ages and interests.
Yes, I think I’ll live through this!


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