5 Class Card


ELDOA™ Wellness Group Workout Series

Saturdays at Legacy Sport & Wellness Center

This 5 class card is good for 5 ELDOA Group exercise classes.

Bulk class cards are available quarterly, so cards purchased now expire TBA. Classes not used by that time will be forfeited.



Saturday ELDOA™ Workout Series

Create space for the disc…ELDOAs number one purpose.   Improve posture, hydrate the disc, use the my0-fascial chains, improve function of the viscera, increase your sense of well-being.  And enjoy the social aspect of doing all this with your Legacy tribe!

Drop-In (single Class) = $45.00

5 Classes = $175.00

10 Classes = $350.00

20 Classes = $700.00

Beginning January 7, 2023:  Saturday morning ELDOA Workouts will be one hour in length.  Group Wellness Workout Fees will be $35.00 per class with a Class Card.

Drop In Fees = $45.00

Through January 8, 2023, Class Cards Packages are available for purchase in blocks of 5, 10, or 20 Workouts at $18.00 per workout..  In eShop on the website, these cards can be used in 2023

Saturdays at Legacy Sport & Wellness Center

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