10 Class Card


ELDOA™ Wellness Group Workout Series

Saturdays at Legacy Sport & Wellness Center

This 10 class card is good for 10 ELDOA Group exercise classes.

Bulk class cards are available quarterly, so cards purchased now expire TBA. Classes not used by that time will be forfeited.




Saturday ELDOA™ Workout Series

Create space for the disc…ELDOAs number one purpose.   Improve posture, hydrate the disc, use the my0-fascial chains, improve function of the viscera, increase your sense of well-being.  And enjoy the social aspect of doing all this with your Legacy tribe!

Drop-In (single Class) = $45.00

5 Classes = $175.00

10 Classes = $300.00

Drop In Fees = $45.00

Saturdays at Legacy Sport & Wellness Center

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