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Responsibility is NOT a Four-Letter Word!

By September 25, 2013December 9th, 2014Claudia's Corner

Clouds 9:9:13What is the first thing one must do to create change? Take responsibility for one’s life.

It’s great to feel there is someone to blame for all the things wrong in life…for all the things not accomplished…for all the pain and sadness, but those feelings of anger or resentment do not result in the letting-go needed to move forward. Just the opposite. They keep one stuck in the past hurt.

Only when the realization comes that one’s life did not happen as a result of the actions of others, but as a co-creation, there is no one to blame. The freedom that comes with this is enormous. It is an epiphany.

Often, taking responsibility  for the life you are living is a hard  thing for a person to do…”If I am miserable, shamed, alone, in pain, I don’t want to believe that it is my fault.  I would rather believe that I am a victim than to accept responsibility for the misery that is my life.”

Accepting responsibility for the life one lives is like opening the door to a cage of enslavement one has built:  there is no other  to forgive.  Self-forgiveness means a forgiveness of self-inflicted harm, which leads to self-love, which leads to true creation: or re-creation of one’s beautiful life.

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