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Pomegranate Seeds – What a Beautiful Way to Eat Healthy!

By November 10, 2015November 16th, 2015Food Tip of the Week


One of the joys of fall, pomegranate seeds are also known as arils. Large, hexagonal, red and inedible fruits, pomegranates contain about 600 juicy seeds. The seeds are high in fiber, high in vitamins, and high in phyto-chemicals that may promote heart health and help to prevent cancer.

These luscious seeds contain vitamins C and K; vitamin C aids in immune system function, promotion of healthy gums, and the manufacture of collagen and elastin. C also enhances iron absorption; vitamin K is important for maintaining strong, healthy bones as well as proper blood clotting.

Phyto-chemicals are found in plants. Though non-nutritive plant chemicals, they have protective or disease preventive properties. Plants produce them to protect themselves, but recent research demonstrates they can also protect humans against diseases.

Some possible actions of phyto-chemiclas are as follows:
• antioxidant
• hormonal action
• stimulation of enzymes
• interference with DNA replication (prevent multiplication of cancer cells)
• anti-bacterial effect
• physical action ( prevent adhesion of pathogens to human cell wall)

And, if you go to Whole Foods or other speciality food stores, you can buy the seeds rather than buying and seeding the fruit!

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