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Nutrient-rich Food Choices and Weight Loss

By March 9, 2015March 11th, 2015Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

A study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition cites that 40% of overweight American adults are deficient in vitamin A,  C, D, and E, calcium and magnesium, compared to average-weight adults.  Wouldn’t it be smart to load up on nutrient-rich foods to give your body a boost?

Vitamin A:  good for bone growth, helps organs function, and preserves vision.  Eat meat, fish, dairy products (unless your are sensitive to dairy), dark leafy greens and orange veggies.

Vitamin C: needed for production of collagen (for skin resilience), a must for all membranes in the body from the heart to the adrenal glands, and can shortens the duration of a cold if taken at onset.  Eat citrus fruits, sweet potatoes and cantaloupe.

Vitamin D:  aids in calcium absorption and bone growth as well as keeping a cold from getting worse.  Eat dairy, orange juice, mushrooms and fatty fish, like salmon, trout and tuna.  Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D.

Vitamin E:  fights off invading bacteria and viruses, helps widen blood vessels and keeps blood from clotting within the vessels.  Eat almonds, sunflower seeds, Swiss chard, avocado, peanuts and leafy greens.

Calcium:  helps the body do everything from building bone to clotting blood.  Eat milk, yogurt (unsweetened goat or sheep is best) raw cheese, kale, broccoli, canned sardines and salmon.

Magnesium:  necessary for more than 300 chemical reactions in the body, it is key in helping the heart muscle function better, protecting blood vessels and, according to two recent studies, it may also help reduce the risk of developing diabetes.  Eat legumes, dark chocolate and veggies such as broccoli and squash.

Of course, there are supplements you can take to get these nutrients, but good, organic food is always the first choice in creating health and vitality.  Supplements may be used to give your body a little boost as it moves from a less healthy state to wellness.

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