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NHLers and the ELDOA

By November 2, 2013December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

Back pain is a common complaint for many professional hockey players.

More and more NHL players- both skaters and goaltenders- are turning to a new form of exercise to take care of their bodies and end back pain:

ELDOA and Myo-fascial stretching (MFS).


Having hosted several off-season mini-camps in Dallas, the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center has developed a reputation for working with numerous professional players from around the league in addition to consulting with management, medical staff, and strength coaches from various NHL teams.

Nov. 20th in Dallas, Texas, as part of the the ELDOA-Dallas Conference 2013 and the Intensive ELDOA 1-2 Training for practitioners, the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center is hosting a lecture by Guy VOYER, the creator of the ELDOA, beginning at noon.

This lecture will discuss the following topics in sports medicine and conditioning today-  the fascia, applied tensegrity, and spine biomechanics. Proper exercise prescription will be discussed as well.

Following the presentation, a 30-minute Q & A session is scheduled and then the start of ELDOA 1 training for practitioners.

To learn more about ELDOA-Dallas, the lecture presentations, or either one of the ELDOA Training Seminars contact the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center @

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