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The New ELDOA Program- (Part 1 of 5)

By September 13, 2014December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

ELDOA 5: Skull and ELDOA Application for Head Trauma-

Course Length: 5 days. This course is the final course of the ELDOA training Program. There are pre-requisites to enroll. The course involves days of review of the sacro-iliac joint and the pathologies associated with the SIJ; two days of lecture and practice specific to spine biomechanics and pathology, and the corresponding ELDOA; one full day of lecture for the biomechanics of the skull. Group exercise is taught each day. Students will be chosen daily to lead the morning workouts and to demonstrate mastery of group instruction including warm-up principles, factors of progression specific to the day’s workout content and goals. The first course in this new organization of the ELDOA program will be ELDOA 1, scheduled in Dallas 2015, at Legacy Sport & Wellness Center.IMG_2135

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