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MLS Soccer News- Did Dallas Forget to Report The MLS Strike?

The Orlando Sentinel today reported about a subject that has been coming- the MLS strike. If you live in Dallas, most likely you had no idea this was going to happen this week. Its amazing that as popular as the sport of professional soccer has become recently, and the World Cup Tournament this past summer,  that nothing is being reported by the local Dallas papers, or the FC Dallas club regarding the strike that will that will go down Wednesday.


If you have no idea what the strike is about then the short answer is that the players want the right to free agency. The teams/league to do not want to allow this and have shut down all negotiations refusing to discuss this matter. It’s mind boggling that in today’s age of professional sports, players in a top league like the MLS in North America do not have the right to shop the free agency market after a certain number of years of service in the league; that is what makes the league (any of the professional leagues in all the big sports) interesting, and rewards the best players for skillful play and longevity.

In case you live in Dallas and want to read a little more about the strike, here is a link to the Orlando paper-

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