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March Nutrition Tip: Food Instead of Meds for Blood Pressure?

By March 27, 2014December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

High blood pressure?  Scared of what it might lead to, but scared to be on the meds prescribed?  You and your physician need to determine the best course of action for you.  What if eating certain foods, doing certain things could help control your BP numbers?  It is certainly worth a try!

Foods that can help:  banana • avocado (higher than a banana in potassium) • leafy greens • berries, especially blueberries • beets • yogurt (choose plain, full fat) • dark chocolate • white potatoes (potassium and magnesium) • oatmeal (organic, gluten-free)

There are other things you can try to help.  These things are good for high blood pressure, but have so many additional benefits that everyone should incorporate them into their daily routine.

Essential Oils, rubbed on pulse points or diffused:  eucalyptus plus bergamot • lavender • lemon • lime.  Do NOT use rosemary oil if you have high BP.

North American Herb & Spice Sesam-E Oil is recommended for BP issues.  This can be used as a salad dressing or just take a tablespoon.

Walking  is a great exercise for controlling blood pressure.  You don’t have to go to a gym or exercise vigorously.  Walking is something you can do without a membership, without a lot of fancy equipment, without having to be taught how…just open your front door or go to a mall.  Twenty minutes minimum with a goal of walking 60 to 90 minutes at least 5 times a week.  One long walk a week is really good for you!

Meditation  has been proven to help.  Start with 5 minutes twice a day and increase over time to 20 minutes.  Sit comfortably on the floor or in a chair, legs gently crossed or feet flat on the floor.  Arms are relaxed with hands on the knees.  Close your eyes and just inhale and exhale.  Follow your breath.  Don’t fret if thoughts cross your mind.  Let them come and go.  Tell each thought that intrudes that you will come back to it later and return to the rhythm of your breathing.

An added bonus of trying these things is that you gain a sense of control over something you have believed you had no control over…that in itself may help because it is empowering it all areas of your life!Leafy Green Veggies

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