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March Nutrition Tip: Who Doesn’t Love Pizza?

By March 30, 2014December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

But should you be eating something not knowing what’s in it?

Back in the BGGF  (Before Going Gluten-Free) Days, I used to make my own pizza dough and sauce from scratch.  I can’t describe how good this tasted…tomato sauce with basil simmering on a Sunday afternoon, the smell of yeast as the dough would rise in a warm oven, thick or thin crust, fennel in the dough or plain…a love-fest with pizza for sure.

I  had gluten-free pizza once and really don’t need to ever have it again.  Why eat something so totally unsatisfying?  I’d rather go without.  Americans can’t seem to go without pizza!  Whether in a restaurant or as home-delivery, you would think we were all Italian the way we scarf it down!

This is a great article on nationally known pizza brands.  Take a look.  You, like I did with gluten-free crusted pizzas, may decide you don’t need to eat commercially produced pizza-chain pizza again.

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