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Macro. vs. Micro-movment (part 2)-

By August 4, 2014December 9th, 2014ELDOA News Blog

Macro-movement is global. It’s necessary for sure, but it is only a part of the way we move. “Micro-movement” is the fine movement(s) of precision that make up macro-movement. For example- flexion and extension of the knee are said to be “macro-movements” but rotation and the smaller, but necessary movement of translation, are essential for total flexion and extension at the knee. This is neglected in restoring knee function after many surgeries-rehab programs, no different than the macro-movements that are given for back pain and disc herniations, instead of the ELDOA, which is a much more precise form of exercise that can affect change at the level of the joint or even a part of the joint like the foramen.

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