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Legacy’s Calendar of Events & Invite to Workouts

By February 22, 2023Legacy News

It’s a new week and lots going on at Legacy!

Feb. 25 9:30-10:30.   ELDOA Group Wellness Workout
NEW:  Feb. 25. 9-9:30 am. ABS Exercise Tutorial and Workout  – No Charge
        In Person and On-Line.
        Use Workout Link above to enroll.
Mar. 4 9:30 am ELDOA Group Wellness Workout
Mar 11 9:30 am ELDOA Group Wellness Workout
Saturday, Feb. 25th, we have organized a number of events in which you can participate.  At 9:00 am, before the ELDOA Group Workout, Scott will do a brief Tutorial on how to exercise the Abdominals correctly based upon your level of skill.  Plan for 10 minutes of instruction followed by a short 15 minute Group ABS session.  This Tutorial is open for anyone to participate.  The ELDOA Workout will follow immediately after.
After the ELDOA Workout, Chef Cory and The Training Table will be serving an organic breakfast from 10:30 to 11:30 and clients are welcome to join.
At 12 noon, as part of the ELDOA 1 Certification, Scott will present a 90 minute lecture about the ELDOA exercises and why everyone can benefit from them.  There will be extra seating and we invite our clients and all of our followers to join in person or via Zoom.  For on-line clients, use the link below and for clients who plan to attend in person, reply to Claudia.

After the presentation, the ELDOA 1 Certification, The Most Frequently Used ELDOA Postures, will begin and run through the remainder of the day.
If you are unable to participate in this seminar, but would like to do so  when we offer it again please email Claudia.
Feb 25. Noon to Nine   ELDOA Level 1 Certification Course
     This is a great course for the Client who wants to learn more about the ELDOA postures and why they are so helpful.
Feb. 26 Noon to 2:00 pm.   Client Sauna Tutorial
    This two-hour Tutorial is a combination of classroom and Sauna work. Participants will learn the benefits of using a Dry Sauna, which include cardio-
    vascular benefits, reduction of blood pressure and stress, and improved tissue quality..  Participants will learn how to set up their own Sauna Chart
    and how to safely adapt to thermal (heat) stress.  New to this Tutorial is the benefit of cold stress and how to integrate it with the Dry Sauna.
    Fee. $150.00 per person.  Class size is limited to 5 people.
The Dry Sauna and Recovery Center are open every day during regular business hours and on Saturday’s following a scheduled Group workout.  Please notify me if you want to Sauna at
If you would like to book a Private/ Semi-Private Sauna Session or schedule a personal Tutorial, contact Claudia.
Purchase a Sauna Card and save on individual Sauna Sessions in the Recovery Center.
Legacy Water Bar is restocked with your favorites and we’ve brought back a Sparkling water we carried years ago.  You can try a sampler – The Legacy Six=Pack – an easy and well=priced way to decide what water is your favorite.
Client Sauna Tutorial   See Link above
In other Legacy News, the rest of February and all of March will be full with a combination of events ranging from School courses, new exercise and wellness tutorials, and a number of clients traveling to the Center to work intensively in both our Wellness and Sports Performance Camps.
You don’t have to live somewhere else to take advantage of a Legacy Immersion.  Just book some time!
We hope you can join us Saturday, February 25th..  Thank you

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