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Legacy’s Calendar of Events & Invite to Workouts

By February 4, 2023Legacy News

Greetings.  This week at Legacy, the calendar is full with events, which include  Immersion clients, Educational courses, and exercise sessions.January Group Workouts

Jan. 28th 9:30  – 10:30 am:  Group Myofascial Stretching Workout


 Car Wash:  Diego wiil be at Legacy, to wash your car while you exercise.

I need an RSVP.  Fee:  $30.00

     Chef:  If you’ve had a Chef Corey breakfast, you know you want another one!

                10:20 am, after MFS Workout

                Organic eggs your way plus additional proteins, fruit and veg.

                RSVP  a head count helps us prepare.  Fee:  Breakfast is complimentary – Happy New Year!

No Open Gym on 1/28.   

Open Sauna on 1/28 from 10:30 to 1:30

Sunday, January 29th 

     Myofascial Stretching Workout 8-9 am

     Chef Corey Breakfast. 9:15 am.   Fee $30.00.  Please RSVP

Feb. 4th No Workouts

Feb. 11th 9:30-10:30 am:  Group ELDOA Wellness Workout

    Link:  will be up on website after the class on the 28th.

Recovery Center and Dry Sauna

Saturday, Jan. 28th. 7:30-9:30 am:  Client Sauna Tutorial.   (The Sauna Tutorial is full.)

We will offer another one in February.  You will see a link in an upcoming email.

  Our Client Sauna Tutorial is one of a kind!

     In this two hour session, we take a small group through the proper steps of sauna use to enhance wellbeing, cardiovascular health, and support recovery.

     The two hours is broken down into thirty minutes of classroom prep followed by three rounds of sauna use, and then by a dedicated recovery session.

     Additionally we discuss the benefits of application of Essential Oils and Clinical Aromatherapy.

     The Dry Sauna is open for Private Sessions this week and following Saturday morning workout (10:30 to1:30)

     Sauna Cards are available for savings on Sauna Sessions.

    Contact Claudia at the Business Office for details or purchase.   214-377-9115

Stock up on Water by the Case or the Legacy Six-Pack:  Case $30.00. Six-Pack $15.00

     The cost of our waters and the price of freight has increased so expect a price increase on our next delivery.

Legacy News 

Last weekend, as part of our Wellness Workout Series, we offered a Semi-Private Circulatory Workout.  This type of workout offers a number of benefits, which include improved blood return, the use of many muscles in the lower body, and a unique sense of wellbeing upon its completion.  If you missed this session, look for another one next month.

Cleo Bates started a Semi-Private ELDOA Group Workout (professional musicians) and their Group Series will continue through February.  If you are a professional musician or a member of the DSO and would like more information, contact Claudia.

Off-season for Pro Football began with Solomon Thomas returning to Legacy for ELDOA-Soma Training.  Solomon is a nominee of the NFL’s Walter Payton Award, which will be announced during Super Bowl weekend.


This week, Legacy hosts the Military Wellness Initiative (MWI) and a number of out-of-town clients for Wellness Immersions.  You don’t have to be from out of town to enjoy the benefits that our Immersive Training provides.  For more information, contact Claudia.

Education/SomaTraining Texas/ELDOA

January 27, 28 and 29th:  SomaTraining Certification, Myofascial Stretching Certification (three days).

     The course begins 1/27 at noon.  Clients are welcome to enroll.


February 25th:  ELDOA Level 1 Certification Course )one day)


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