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Legacy Wellness Tip: Juicing Tips-

By July 3, 2013December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

Juicing is “all the rage” these days!

Legacy Sport & Wellness Center recommends these tips if you order a juice-

1. All the juice ingredients should be organic! Yes, ORGANIC vegetables, spices, and fruits! Be sure to ask before you buy.

If you live in Dallas, Mudsmith located on Lower Greenville uses organic ingredients to make their juices, but don’t take our word for it… ASK to be sure!

2. Sugar- Many people love their morning juice or smoothie because it’s easy AND “it tastes so good!” How much sugar, in the form of added sugar or high glycemic ingredients, is used is the more important question? It makes no sense to have a juice if its going to make your blood sugar sky rocket!

3. Loss of Fiber/More nutrients- You trade one for the other when juicing… the process of juicing the vegetables and fruits removes much of the fiber, but the flip side is that with less fiber more nutrients can be absorbed.

4. A juice is not a meal replacement! The idea of having a juice drink for your main meal or meal replacement makes no sense. There are no complete proteins in most juice drinks and there are no healthy fats hence it is not a meal. A juice drink is a way to get some beneficial nutrients from organic vegetables and fruit in a liquid form.


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