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Legacy Sport & Wellness Website Updates

By April 13, 2013December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

If you follow the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center then you have  noticed the changes to the homepage TABS-

Tabs have expanded to include a more comprehensive list of our world-reknowed exercise program which includes the ELDOA-General and ELDOA -Specific, as well as the General Exercise Program. Other changes you can expect to see with respect to the exercise page(s) and descriptions will be a separation of Wellness & Sport. With a diverse client-base we grouped exercises, and exercise content for semi-private training groups, group exercise and immersions into two categories- SPORT & Wellness.

Sport Training is exactly what the name implies… this training is for sportsmen and women- of all levels, including elite juniors. It is up-tempo and requires a proper base of condition with respect to training age. These training sessions typically include longer work sessions, more complex movements, and a higher work volume in comparison to the same Wellness Exercise class.

Other changes to the site include  a new homework questions section for SomaPractitioners, a Coaching and Education tab, Sport and Wellness Coaching programs, new blogs including the much anticipated SomaPractitioner Blog, and new content for the Legacy Wellness Blog.

To keep up to date on events at the Center,  changes to the monthly calendar, programming scheduled for outside the Center, for example Sport and Wellness Immersions, or Educational Seminars out of town/state, we invite you to create and account on the home page and stay up to date!

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  • If you are not familiar with the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center in Dallas or how method of teaching exercise then know this:

    Our Exercise Programming is based upon the work of Guy VOYER DO. The exercises are all part of his SomaTraining & SomaTherapy Programs. The way that we teach exercise to clients respects his style of teaching- education.

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