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Legacy Sport & Wellness News: Aspirin in the NEWS-

By February 22, 2015May 30th, 2018Legacy News, Lifestyle - Wellness

Recently, a client was referred to the center with pain in her biceps tendon and surrounding structures. After a comprehensive case history was taken and before the home exercise program was taught,  the client, a retired nurse practitioner, shared that she had recently she had rare blood clot at the level of C3-4 in her cervical spine that required immediate surgery.

Surgeons did an excellent job and physical therapy for the procedure was in play, but the pain in her arm/bicep was not being addressed and the client was told there was no direct link between the arm issue and the cervical spine.

The bicep and rotator cuff problem was easy to address with the proper exercises, and ELDOA exercises for the cervical spine, but the clot was a mystery of sorts, including to the medical team. To that point, here is a recent post discussing the use of aspirin-

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