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Legacy Sport Tip: After A Game Take 5 Minutes to Re-organize-

By May 29, 2013December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

Following a game or competition, regardless of the outcome, is the most difficult time to get a person to take the time to re-organize their body but it is the BEST time to do this. In a sport-competition the tissue is pushed beyond physiologic norms regardless of the level of conditioning, which results in numerous changes to the body… both short and long-term.

The simple act of taking just 5 minutes after a competition to do organized quality- exercise to re-organize the tissue in the form of ELDOA and MyoFascial Stretching can have profound impact on how the tissue re-organizes  as well as the long-term health or injury-history of the athlete. This 5 -minute session can be done in a well-organized group and if time is short, coaches can combine this session with “TEAM Talk”.

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