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Legacy News & Ski Season

By October 16, 2013December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

Ski season is fast approaching and that means winter FUN! Look for a series of upcoming posts from Legacy Sport & Wellness Center about training for ski and and snowboard season as well as other winter sports including how to better adapt to altitude.

Other upcoming information series specific to ski season and winter sports will be Legacy Center’s series on knee biomechanics where we will discuss how the knee works, how to train to improve the stability or strength of the knee be it as a preventative measure or if you have had an injury to the knee region such as an ACL surgery, PCL tear, patello-femoral syndrome, lateral or medial meniscus tear,  or an MCL sprain.

Legacy Sport & Wellness Center has consulted on numerous cases which include professional sportsmen and women both prior to and following such injuries.


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