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Legacy News: NYC in November

By October 19, 2013December 9th, 2014ELDOA News Blog

The month of November is a busy month for Legacy Sport & Wellness Center-

November 20-24 in Dallas the Legacy Center is hosting ELDOA-Dallas 1&2 Conference at the Hilton Anatole. This 5-day conference and workshop will have practitioners from all over the world coming to participate. Space is still available so don’t miss this great experience!

Lecture content during the seminars will include: the History of the ELDOA created by Guy VOYER DO, lectures on the Fascia and the evolution of the dated Newtonian Theory of Biomechanics to today’s Tensegrity Paradigm and Complexity, VOYER’s story and how after 30 years of practice he has come full- circle in his way of thinking and the importance of a well-trained exercise trainer, and a discussion of VOYER’s educational programming that he organized as part of his SomaTraining, SomaTherapy and Doctorate programs.

But before Dallas kicks off, two seminars are scheduled for the NYC area- TTLS of the Upper Limb through Sportslab NYC, and Myo-fascial Stretching hosted by Kevin Adair at Kima Physical Therapy.

For practitioners and clients in the NYC area, Scott will be in NYC for both courses and seeing clients in between the two weekends so contact the Legacy Center in Dallas to see when and where he is teaching exercise classes and seeing clients-



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