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Legacy ELDOA News: Back Pain, The Effects of Training, and Age-

By May 31, 2016July 27th, 2016ELDOA News Blog

At birth, a part of “shock absorber” mechanism of your spine, the nucleus pulpous, is 90% water, and the annulus fibrosus is roughly 80% water. The effects of trauma, age, and degeneration to these fibers and to the spongy bone can be accelerated with improper exercise and training. Chemical changes occur to these tissues – the disc’s water content drops to 70% and the annulus to 60% and the spongy bones capacity to expand can decrease. Learn more about how to take care of you spine, body and how to use proper exercise techniques in the ELDOA 1-2 training certification courses.

If you want a healthy spine, train with a SomaTrainer or someone certified to teach the ELDOA exercises.  You can change the level of pain and mobility with a few exercises.  Become ‘your own best therapist’.

Legacy offers ELDOA for Back Pain Semi-Private workouts on Tuesday evenings at 6:00 pm.  Saturday mornings have an ELDOA General Wellness workout that is good for anyone, good for everyone.  Check our Exercise Calendar on the website for specific days and times.

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