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Legacy Education News: Some good information for everyone

By March 31, 2016August 1st, 2016Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

High intensity training is not bad, if that is your GOAL and you have a proper base of training. Long-term high intensity training is not good for ANYONE, and no one understands how to warm-up or cool down for any type session. Rolling on a foam roller and having a practitioner stretch you on a table might help the aches and pains, but long-term changes come from the client doing the exercises themselves: it creates plasticity. This is where the exercise, rehab and sports industries completely miss the target – philosophically and with the tools they use with clients.  Find a practitioner who uses Myo-fascial Stretching and ELDOA exercises in his or her programming. If you want to learn more about either of these modalities, sign up for the resistance stretching conference this July in L.A. where a presentation and breakout session will be featured.

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