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Legacy Education News: Analytics, Technology & Advanced Analytical Exercises in Sport & Wellness Industries

By July 23, 2015July 27th, 2015Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

In today’s world of “advanced analytics”, sporting teams and organizations are turning to data to try to improve the quality of the care and training that is provided to clients, patients and athletes. But the current educational system does not teach analytical exercise…so we have more detailed information with dated or “watered-down” recipes as solutions. Legacy Sport & Wellness Center has a proven educational system more teams and facilities are turning to for solutions: a system that respects analytical and global pattern training. Organizations and Teams who have consulted with Legacy Sport & Wellness Center include, Harvard Track and Field, OU and Texas AM track and Field, Kentucky and Texas Tech Football, Dallas Stars Ice hockey, Professional Golfers, and MLS soccer players to name just a few. If your not using analytical training, or you limit yourself to “global pattern training and functional screens, you are working with dated tools.

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